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Fraudsters are using increasingly sophisticated ways to trick Members and steal their money. Recently, we’ve heard from Members that they’ve received calls or text messages from utility companies, demanding payment so services aren’t disconnected.

Please know, utility companies will never call or text to ask for immediate payment to prevent disconnecting your service. In addition, they will never request payment by cash or pre-paid cash cards.

Fraudsters use urgency and fear to dupe Members into sharing their banking account information, which can allow them access to your accounts and your money. If you receive a call or text of this nature, please don’t share any personal information. It is easy to fall victim to these predators when they use fear and intimidation tactics. If you have concerns about your utility account, call your utility company directly using the phone number on their official website or on your statement.

What to do if you think you have fallen victim to fraud

If you think you may have given information to an untrustworthy source, please contact our team immediately and we can help you secure your accounts. Your Credit Union is always here to guide and protect you, without judgement. If you feel fraud has occurred, please contact:

For more information on current scams and how to report them, visit the FTC website. Or, visit Extra Credit on our website for more ways to stay safe.